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Adventure (Lost planet), strategy (Total war), shooter(Bad Company 2), sport games (FIFA), role playing (Dragon Age), simulation (The Sims), racing (Need for Speed) and multiplayer games (Hydra 9) etc. There is a new bill against the streaming of some online video games. Such bill would make streaming of some e-sport videos illegal. There are some advantages to this bill, for example it helps to reduce piracy. But as some aspects of the bill are not well understood, it can lead to a few contentions by the media and online game loyalists. Developers and publishers of online game might allow things to continue as they are by not filing a law suit against game streamers. The increasing activities of online video gamers, developers and publishers on the internet may not provide them ample time to prosecute these laws breakers. As a matter of fact, online video game streaming has provided equal opportunity and gain for everyone involved.

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Online game streaming sites such as and TwitchTv have an income sharing agreement with some gaming experts. Some known types of income generating avenues includes advert placements, viewers subscription and payment per viewing. These websites owners features more technology and adverts which generates more income for them. For example, TwitchTv has an income sharing formula by placing adverts on streamed videos and dividing the income among them.Therefore, everyone's happy and most importantly the online gamers are happier

Game Streaming: A Win-win Situation For Everyons and TwitchTv website records more traffic from the online game competitions. These websites also shows live videos of popular e-sport players online and at anytime. Some of these e-sport players are not professional players but they are there to showcase what they can do also while others are professional players who might be getting ready for the next e-sport competition or tournament. Online video gamers nowadays do make money from their events as live e-sports streaming provides them with another channel to earn more profits and make a living.

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